The Case Against Center For Medical Progress and Why It’s Wrong

This subject came up recently in a discussion I had on Facebook (as are so many things now a days). The two members of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) are now being prosecuted by a California District Attorney for their conduct of an undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood (PP) to expose PP’s conduct of the sale of human “fetal tissue,” (that is, baby parts). Additional information can be find in the various links on this article I came across as one of the many out there:

So here are a few points I make regarding this particular subject.

1. Planned Parenthood is a good organization that does good things and these CMP guys are attempting to tarnish their reputation.

Let’s understand something. PP conducts as a part of their daily business the process of killing babies while in the womb of their mother. PP is not a good organization. Now I will not deny that there are other things they do in their business (non-profit though they may be, they do conduct business like all other non-profits) that are good. However, just because you do some good things, but commit murder daily, does not make you a good organization. Especially when you then use the funds donated to your organization to promote the practice of killing babies in the womb of their mother. PP is not a good organization.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were not attempting to tarnish the reputation of PP. These two individuals were attempting to bring to light the fact that Planned Parenthood does not only commit the morally wrong act of killing babies (popularly known as abortion), but that they also sell the body parts to other organizations, and use those funds to cover the costs of maintaining those baby body parts so that their company can turn a profit (as all non-profits do, that profit is just not distributed to the owners or investors in the corporation) and stay afloat. The reputation of PP is tarnished by their own conduct, which is the killing of babies in their mother’s womb.

2. CMP are not reporters or journalists, so this was not undercover journalism, their acts in attempting to expose the truth about PP were morally wrong.

Whether Mr. Daleiden and Mrs. Merritt are or are not journalists has nothing to do with their private efforts to expose injustice. You do not have to be a Journalist in order to conduct an undercover investigation. Anybody can. Therefore, that point is just an argument to attempt to paint these two as something of a pack of frauds, which they are not.

The intentions behind any act is what determines the moral state of any act. If the intentions of CMP were to tell lies about PP, then there was no need to go through all the steps they went through in order to do so. If CMP wanted to tell a lie about PP, then they could have easily done so, and fabricated a video of them talking to someone posing as a PP representative and then attempted to pass the video off as an undercover investigation to put out that lie. They did not do so.

The intentions of CMP were to expose the fact (and yes, it is a fact) that PP sells the body parts of the babies their organization has killed via extraction from the mother’s womb through dismemberment in order to preserve the specimens so that they can be sold. This is the epitome of immoral, wrong, and yes, evil conduct. They were trying to expose the truth about planned parenthood. Anyone attempting to bring to light the fact that someone is doing something morally wrong (beyond just killing babies) is doing something morally good.

In the process of conducting the investigation, Mr. Daleiden and Mrs. Merritt utilized fake ID’s for the purpose of getting into the get together PP was having so that they could expose this truth utilizing hidden cameras in a public place. Had they come in with open cameras and without those ID’s, they would not be able to get the truth. While I do not deny that they broke the law by using fake ID’s (because they did), I do not see that they were doing a moral wrong in the process of doing so.

To this point, if you think that breaking a law about not fabricating an ID is something more morally reprehensible than killing a baby, you are a flawed person who is in need of serious guidance in reforming their Worldview, which is badly needed.

3. CMP broke the law by recording these videos without the knowledge of those recorded in the video, therefore the actions of PP in killing babies and selling their parts is justified.

This is literally an argument being made here. Whether or not CMP violated a California law in the process of recording the undercover video or not, PP is still selling the body parts of the babies they kill. Yet that is being overlooked, and focus is drawn to the possibility of violating a California law in the process of acquiring this truth. So did they break the law?

Here is a link to the Law: This is California Penal Law 632. The law states that it is violated if it is the recording of a confidential meeting. There is a stipulation in this that reads,

The term “confidential communication” includes any communication carried on in circumstances as may reasonably indicate that any party to the communication desires it to be confined to the parties thereto, but excludes a communication made in a public gathering – See more at:

The meeting that was recorded was conducted in a public place. So no, even though the District Attorney or the California Attorney General has filed charges against Mr. Daleiden and Mrs. Merritt, it is clear this law has not been violated.

4. There is no evidence that Planned Parenthood sells the parts of babies they have killed in order to gain a profit.

True, thus far in the investigations into Planned Parenthood there has not been an ability to identify that they are selling the baby body parts for a profit. However, just because they are an organization that does more than selling baby body parts, and just because they are a non-profit, does not mean that the price they sell the baby body parts at does not cover their costs of storing the baby parts, etc., so that they can turn a profit and at least, break even. This still does not justify the killing of babies, and the morally wrong act of selling the baby’s body parts.

Now to this point, here is the Federal Law regarding the sale of Baby body parts: It can be implied through the processes that PP utilizes for killing babies in their mother’s womb (i.e. dismemberment) they intend to preserve the specimen for the purpose of selling those body parts (for research or other purposes of the organizations they sell to, who in turn, profit from that research). This means that they are conducting a business of acquiring baby body parts, and then making them available to customers who desire them. In the above mentioned law it states:

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human organ for valuable consideration for use in human transplantation if the transfer affects interstate commerce

The fact that PP is a national organization and is selling baby body parts nation wide, and they make this a regular business practice, and that it is not for human transplantation, but for research, it is clear they are violating this law. Then there is the Health and Human Services statute on this subject available here: In this we can see:

It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit or knowingly acquire, receive, or accept a donation of human fetal tissue for the purpose of transplantation of such tissue into another person if the donation affects interstate commerce, the tissue will be or is obtained pursuant to an induced abortion, and–…the person who solicits or knowingly acquires, receives, or accepts the donation has provided valuable consideration for the costs associated with such abortion.

Now this is in regards to “transplantation.” This law has been mentioned in many articles regarding this subject by either side. The key here is transplantation. Before this section, it is made legal to sell the “fetal tissue” for the purposes of research.

 SOURCE OF TISSUE – Human fetal tissue may be used in research carried out under paragraph (1) regardless of whether the tissue is obtained pursuant to a spontaneous or induced abortion or pursuant to a stillbirth.

But there must be informed consent of the mother.

Now having said all this, my concern is not whether PP has broken the law, as I have said, it does not appear they have according to the Law, though it can be argued that their intent suggests that they are, but that would be difficult to show in court. This is what the issue is: Why do we have a law that permits the killing of babies to acquire baby body parts for research? How on earth have we allowed there to exist a business whose purpose is to commit abortions and then sell baby body parts extracted via the abortion for research. This is an industry. Kill babies indiscriminately in order to do research. We have literally made it legal to have a business that kills babies for profit! Those research organizations thrive on the revenues generated that turn a profit by selling the research they conduct utilizing those baby body parts. This is ok?

Suffice it to say, on this point, that is the issue that I have. Clearly there is evidence that PP does in fact kill babies in the womb of their mothers. It is also a fact that PP sells those baby body parts to other organizations to cover their costs in that department so the organization can turn a profit on funds acquired from the government and via donations. It is also a fact that those research companies sell their research or the products of that research for a profit. This, all understood together, should make it clear that this is wrong, and it should be ended.

And to this point, if Mr. Daleiden is to be charged for soliciting PP for the sale of baby body parts for use in research, then so too should every research company’s representatives be charged. Simple enough there.

5. CMP “fabricated” these videos in order to make PP look bad.

In order for these videos to be a fabrication, here is what they would have had to do.

  1. Hired or otherwise utilized actors to play the part of a representative of PP.
  2. Conducted a fake undercover expose utilizing these actors, having the actors pretend to be representatives of PP and say they sell baby parts for profit.

Its that simple. Now, did CMP do that? No. The individuals in the video were in fact Representatives from PP who were authorized to negotiate or otherwise “work deals” with other organizations, arranging for the sale of baby body parts for research or other purposes. These were not actors. These were the actual people having an actual conversation about selling the baby body parts. In the full video that is available on CMP’s website, you can see that the whole conversation was about the sale of the baby body parts, and the PP representative using every word play game possible to show that PP would be sure to hide any profitability. Even if taken at face value, we can say that the PP representatives were attempting to demonstrate that they do not “try” to profit from the sale of the baby body parts.

So no, the videos were not fabricated, they were of the actual PP representatives having an actual conversation about selling baby body parts.

6. CMP utilized images and clips of baby body parts being analyzed and “harvested” that were not from PP facilities, therefore the videos are fake and discredited.

The focus of the videos was on PP representatives committing to the sale of baby body parts. That was the only focus. To add effect, CMP utilized images of the baby body parts being sorted and analyzed by others that may or may not have been baby body parts and that may or may not have been at PP locations. The baby body parts are confirmed to be real. Whether from a stillborn or from an abortion, they are baby body parts. They are baby body parts that are sold by PP as well. This does not change the video, is not misleading, and is not fake.

The use of these images and videos show what the process is for sorting baby body parts (stillborn or abortion) is utilized by PP, and any other “abortion provider” who sells baby body parts. Remember, the whole focus of the video is on PP selling those baby body parts. So showing images and video of baby body parts does not distort what is being said in the videos. It simply adds some reality to what is being casually discussed over a dinner table in a public restaurant. So the videos are neither fake nor can they be discredited based on the display of baby body parts.

7. The videos are “heavily edited” and take their words out of context to make the good natured PP look bad and as such are fake and discredited.

Whenever you watch any extended news report on a past event, you are watching “heavily edited video.” As you watch the numerous video presentations on numerous news networks regarding the current matters pertaining to the Trump campaign’s member’s ties to Russia, you are seeing “Heavily edited” videos. Does that then take away from what facts are presented in the video? No, it does not.

However, if the editing of the video tape takes the words of the individuals recorded out of context, then yes, the editing would be discredited as the full video would show something completely different was being said or discussed, and only a small section out of the larger conversation is being used in a manner that puts it in the context of the video editor, not the context that individual was speaking in. This did not happen.

The full context of the videos was released, and guess what, the whole conversation is about the sale of baby body parts. So no, they are not taking anything out of context. The editing was done to shorten the length of the video, not to take words out of context. The whole point was to expose the sale of baby body parts by PP. It did so in the context of the whole conversations that were recorded and released.

8. What is heavily edited in the videos is a lie and therefore the videos are discredited and this shows CMP is slandering the good natured PP.

What was said in the videos is not a lie. It was actually confirmed by PP. They do in fact kill babies in the mother’s womb and then sell the baby’s body parts. That is what is covered in the videos. In addition, the edited videos include the words of the representatives discussing the fact that they do what they can to ensure it does not look like they are making a profit off of it. However, I’ve already addressed that. Nothing in the videos is a lie.

However, CMP did use fake ID’s to get in, and did make a fake business identity to portray themselves as a research organization. I’ll give you that. But that, again, is not the focus of the video. The videos are not attempting to expose a fake organization. It is attempting to expose the otherwise unknown fact that PP sells the body parts of the babies they kill and have made a business out of it that barely breaks even, at least they want us to think that way anyways.

In addition, there is no slander going on. PP kills babies in the wombs of their mothers. To say that they do is a fact. As such, PP’s activities devalues them as an organization. CMP publishing undercover video exposing that they also sell the body parts of those babies is not slander either. It is simply telling the truth. If you think that the truth coming out about you is slander, then you are sadly mistaken.

9. PP does not sell the baby body parts for profit, the videos suggest that they are, therefore the videos are slander and trying to tell a lie about the good natured PP.

PP operates at a profit. They sell baby body parts for a fee that covers the costs of managing such a business with what they call an effort to break even. If the baby parts selling department breaks even, this permits the company to not spend money on its own covering those costs. If the company generates revenues that exceed all of their total costs, they generate a profit. Selling the baby body parts at a fee that covers the costs of that department then permits them to generate a profit. Therefore, they are selling the baby body parts and covering their costs so they can make a profit, or at least, be profitable as a charitable organization that is acquiring “donated” funds from the government… But that is a point that will fall on deaf ears.


Planned Parenthood is an organization that kill babies while they are still in their mothers’ wombs, and then sells those baby body parts for a fee that covers the cost, allowing their business to operate at a profit. Given the manner the law is written, this is permitted, and it can be said that they are not breaking the law, though clearly, it can be argued otherwise. They may do other good things, but the fact that they commit the moral atrocity of infanticide clearly out weighs that, making them into a not-good natured organization.

The Center for Medical Progress and Mr. Daleiden and Mrs. Merritt are good people who were attempting to expose the truth about PP. They chose to make a fake company (while not breaking any laws as they made the company according to the law and did not conduct actual business in the state of California) and then make fake ID’s (which is illegal), and posed as a research company seeking to acquire baby body parts (which is deceptive). However, their intent was to expose an injustice, and they successfully did so.

However, there are people who adamantly support the killing of a baby while it is in its mother’s womb. They also support creating a business around killing those babies and then selling their body parts for research. Organizations that do such things, they will defend to their dying breath. So the honest efforts of CMP will be viewed by them as wrong, because their actions expose the truth about an organization they so dearly love…that kills babies.



Your Thoughts?