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The Objective Source of Morality

This is just an initial thought on forming the argument for the objective source of Good. For morality to hold any true value, as it seems to hold, there must be something which gives it its objective nature. It can not be demonstrated that morality is relative. Only in the sense of the application of […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 1: Handling Hypotheticals

Moral Subjectivity In the Bible? I came across the following video on my Facebook feed about a week ago from Frank Turek’s page. https://www.facebook.com/drfrankturek/videos/1163327913798730/ In this video we have the challenge being put forward that would suggest God’s morality is subjective, or Biblical Morality is subjective. It is done in the form of a hypothetical […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 3: The Response

Let us first re-state the hypothetical in its simplified form: “If you were told by God to kill a child, and you knew for certain that it was God telling you, would you kill the child?” Here is the link to the video for additional clarity: https://www.facebook.com/drfrankturek/videos/1163327913798730/ So far, we have brought into consideration the […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 4: Conclusion

So now we have the response, and we understand that if the full context of the Biblical Judeo-Christian Worldview is accepted as true, a person who is commanded by God to kill a child is morally justified and morally good in so doing, what are the implications of this outside of the Christian context? If […]

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Can There be an Evil God?

An argument was presented against William Lane Craig during a debate with Stephen Law regarding arguments for a good God are the same as arguments for an Evil God. He posits many of the arguments presented by William Lane Craig in a form that would also suggest the possibility of God being evil. This is a […]

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