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The Basics Series: 3. Humanity

From the first article in this series on Reality itself, we know that Reality is what is regardless of humanity‚Äôs knowledge or awareness of it. Reality itself comprises the totality of all existence and is comprised of two realms, the immaterial and the material. Out of the totality of all existence, humanity can only truly […]

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The Basics Series: 4. Knowledge

As you have been reading through the articles of this series, you have been acquiring knowledge about some of the more basic truths of the nature of our existence. Well, kind of. I say that because as you read these articles you may be learning something new, or reading something you have read or heard […]

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Man’s Linear Destiny and Corporate Cycles

Humanity’s corporate destiny is linear. We started at some point, and we’ll end at some point. Now this does not suggest “end times,” when it is said “we’ll end at some point.” This is to suggest that we’ll achieve or end up in some completed objective. Whether we continue on beyond that is a matter […]

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