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Spiritual Discipline Series: 2. Disciplines, Not Laws!

Before beginning on the first Inward Discipline, I am led to drive home a very important point. Spiritual Disciplines are personal and corporate behaviors that are willfully performed out of a longing desire to be closer to God. They are the internal drive to be more like Jesus, to embrace the Holy Spirit in us, […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 3. Meditation

The first Spiritual Discipline is focused on creating the environment for communication with our Creator. The world we live in is filled with so much stimulation of our senses. Brightly colored television, busy traffic, hard work, kids, music, social media, etc. There is so much out there that causes us to lose ourselves in the […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 5. Fasting

The mind and the body are something we are all quite aware of. Our mind is always running, gathering data from our senses and organizing it into information for our spirit to utilize. Our bodies are doing their part to keep us going, getting through the day, always demanding food, rest, stretching, food, coffee, extra […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 9. Submission

“Every discipline has its corresponding freedom…The purpose of the disciplines is freedom. Our aim is the freedom, not the discipline. The moment we make the discipline our central focus, we turn it into law and lose the corresponding freedom.” (p. 110) This quote from Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline, is a principle that must […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 10. Service

The Outward Disciplines are those actions we perform due to the setting of certain inward realities in our hearts and minds. Simplicity comes from the desire to seek first the Kingdom of God. Solitude comes from a desire to listen without interruption to God’s voice and direction in our life and to enjoy His blessed […]

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