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The Non-Theist’s “God of the Gaps” Argument, Part 2

In my first article on the subject of the Non-Theist’s “God of the Gaps” argument and the video I did for it, there were many commenters on the video who did not understand what I was speaking about. Many of them completely missed the point I was making, and this is due to my inability […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 2: In Context

Now that we understand what we must do in considering the Christian response to the “God Says Kill a Child” hypothetical, let’s apply these rules and conduct some rational analysis of its implications. First thing’s first, we must put this hypothetical into proper context. We will call the individual Christian being asked the hypothetical within […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 3: The Response

Let us first re-state the hypothetical in its simplified form: “If you were told by God to kill a child, and you knew for certain that it was God telling you, would you kill the child?” Here is the link to the video for additional clarity: https://www.facebook.com/drfrankturek/videos/1163327913798730/ So far, we have brought into consideration the […]

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The “God Commands ‘Kill a Child'” Hypothetical: Part 4: Conclusion

So now we have the response, and we understand that if the full context of the Biblical Judeo-Christian Worldview is accepted as true, a person who is commanded by God to kill a child is morally justified and morally good in so doing, what are the implications of this outside of the Christian context? If […]

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