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Part 1: Adam, Eve, and Sin.

Adam, Eve, and Sin. The story of Adam and Eve has many aspects that can be challenging for many. There is a primary doctrine (that is, official teaching) of the Bible that has its foundation in the story of the first man and woman. This is commonly referred to as the Doctrine of Original Sin […]

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Part 2: Adam, Eve, and Sin

Part 2. Adam, Eve, and Sin A Quick Re-cap In the first part of this series, we’ve broken down some important “take-aways” from Genesis 3:1 to verse 8. Let’s simplify and review before moving on with the rest of the story. The first set is a review of the Characters. We’ve learned a great deal about the […]

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Part 3. Adam, Eve, and Sin

Part 3. Adam, Eve, and Sin God almighty has just been informed by the first man and woman, the creation that He made which He shares a special and unique relationship with, that they have disobeyed His command. God has learned that the serpent is the one that is the responsible party for causing them […]

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Part 4: Adam, Eve, and Sin

Part 4. Adam, Eve, and Sin After God sets forth the punishments against the serpent, the woman, and the man, the story continues. However, it does seem to go in a different direction than what one might expect. There is another “scene change” that seems to occur, as the remaining verses of this chapter begin […]

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Part 5. Adam, Eve, and Sin

Part 5. Adam, Eve, and Sin. Critically Analyzing the fall. We have completed our verse by verse review of the story of the fall. This narrative is contained in Chapter 3 of the book of Genesis. Prior to the chapter, God has created the cosmos across a six-day period, resting (or coming to completion) on […]

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