Democrats Stop the Stop-gap Over Who To Help

I find it most interesting that Herry Reid and the Democrats of the senate (along with a few Republicans) would stop a “Stop-Gap” measure to fund the government and provide over $1 billion in aid to fund the Zika fight and aid to those parts hit hard by flooding. They claim their call to stop this measure from passing is because it does not have aid in it for Flint, the city that had serious lead poisoning problems caused by poor management of the cities water supply, for which responsibility is claimed by the Republicans. There is a ‘water development bill’ in the works to address flint and other areas directly as a separate measure from this ’emergency’ funding bill to prevent ‘government closure.’

First thing’s first. The government won’t stop if this bill isn’t pass. The military will get paid, the security apparatus will continue, vital infrastructure will be maintained, and the country will be fine. So that does not concern me. Quite frankly, that is all that should be getting funded in the government to begin with. The other agencies beyond state, military, treasury, and state department can be shut down and we would all benefit from it.

The Zika funding part is of interest. Zika causes terrible birth defects in children still in the womb of a mother who is bit by a mosquito while pregnant. Now considering Democrats are obsessed with supporting ‘abortion,’ which is the killing of a child in the womb of its mother both prior to birth and immediately following birth if they have their way. The Democrats put up a fight to get that funding in this particular bill, but why? It is interesting that they will support over a billion dollars to fight Zika to save the lives of infants in the womb, while at the same time promote the willful murder of infants in the womb. This is the part that I find particularly interesting.

Now what is rather awful in this whole fiasco is that the Democrats are upset that people experiencing a natural disaster are getting aid, but people who are experiencing a man-made crisis are not. Now mind you, I do not agree with the federal government providing emergency aid, this is something for the people to handle without dependence on government. So I would rather no one received such funding from the federal coffers. Instead, the hundreds of thousands of non-profits, churches, and city municipalities should be aiding in these various disasters. But the issue at hand is that the democrats would vote to prevent funding for those suffering from crisis that is not of their own cause, in order to fund those whose problems are man-caused.

Lets not forget. They want funding for projects to demonstrate man-made climate change as something that is real. They also want to enforce various measures to force businesses and people to pay fines in order to limit mad-made climate change (in spite of it still being questioned in the scientific community). But now they want to give money to people who caused their own man-made issues, all while calling for the protection of wildlife over the protection of men. These people are just all over the map.

The clear point here is that these people, just like the Republican ‘establishment’ as we like to call them now-a-days, are simply trying to get measures passed that will give money to their constituencies. This is not what they are in Congress for. They were elected to represent the interests of their constituencies at the Federal level in matters pertaining to issues of national consequence. They are not there to get stuff for their districts. However, that is what people vote for now-a-days. Who can we send that will get stuff for us from the Federal Government.

This whole issue is just sad. It is a great demonstration of how far off the true path we have gone. These individuals do not even know why they are there, but they will fight to get money into the hands of whoever they can so they can keep their positions. After all, we’ve made the honorable position of representative into a life long career path by not setting term limits on representatives and senators. But such is the nature of people who can not learn from the past, and actively seek to make changes to ensure a prosperous future. This is just one more example of how horribly off course we are as a nation. The two individuals who are running for President currently add to this. God help us all.

Your Thoughts?