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Articles written about Theological subjects as my own personal worship to the LORD shared with you in hopes of providing clarity in your own worship of the LORD our God and Christ His only begotten, who dwells within us as the Holy Spirit as God in Three Persons.

Does an all-powerful God have to act to be in control?

Thoughts on the nature of God. A brief consideration of God’s all-powerful characteristic. Trying to understand the nature of God is a daunting task. There is only so much about God that we can ever hope to come to understanding without a full revelation of himself to us. God has revealed himself to us through […]

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QT: Thought on Election

There is a term that is common in the Theological world in reference to our “election” as believers in God. This comes from the understanding of God “choosing” us. Ephesians 1:4-6 states “for He chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless in His sight. In love.┬áHe predestined […]

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Scripture’s Authority

There is much to say for the integrity held in the scriptures. We appeal to the scriptures’ authority in all matters, and for many, this proves a difficult task. It is also something difficult for people to accept. People argue against utilizing the Bible as an authority, “because it was written by men.” This much […]

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Man’s Linear Destiny and Corporate Cycles

Humanity’s corporate destiny is linear. We started at some point, and we’ll end at some point. Now this does not suggest “end times,” when it is said “we’ll end at some point.” This is to suggest that we’ll achieve or end up in some completed objective. Whether we continue on beyond that is a matter […]

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