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What is Life?

There are a variety of significant issues in the worlds of Religion and Politics today that are in great debate. The majority of these issues are directly impacted by how Worldviews define Life or Living Things. In this article, I provide an overview of what Life is and how it is defined. There are a […]

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The Objective Source of Morality

This is just an initial thought on forming the argument for the objective source of Good. For morality to hold any true value, as it seems to hold, there must be something which gives it its objective nature. It can not be demonstrated that morality is relative. Only in the sense of the application of […]

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The Basics Series: 1. Reality

What is Reality? For most of us, there really isn’t much thought put into this particular question. It is often thrown about by those who are attempting to introduce some “new” way of viewing reality. Sometimes it is a question asked by a concerned friend of their troubled friend who seems to be living a […]

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The Basics Series: 2. Worlds

We all dwell within reality, and each of us has a unique experience with reality as we go through life. The fact that we each have a unique experience is one part of the various reasons why some view truth as relative to each individual person. Each of us live “in our own little world.” […]

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The Basics Series: 3. Humanity

From the first article in this series on Reality itself, we know that Reality is what is regardless of humanity’s knowledge or awareness of it. Reality itself comprises the totality of all existence and is comprised of two realms, the immaterial and the material. Out of the totality of all existence, humanity can only truly […]

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