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Subjects related to the spiritual or “immaterial” realm related to building a closer relationship with God for the betterment of one’s life.

Understanding Suffering in light of Salvation

There are many who wonder about why those who do good and live well come to experience hardship and suffering in this life, while those who are wicked and do evil appear to flourish and prosper. Many of the Christian walk have been persuaded by those who teach a misrepresentation of the Gospel into thinking […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 1. Introduction

In order to be a better writer, you have to set yourself to practice writing. To become a better runner, you have to set aside time to run. To grow in your profession, you have to force yourself to study and take new courses in your field. Each of these provides an example of a word […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 2. Disciplines, Not Laws!

Before beginning on the first Inward Discipline, I am led to drive home a very important point. Spiritual Disciplines are personal and corporate behaviors that are willfully performed out of a longing desire to be closer to God. They are the internal drive to be more like Jesus, to embrace the Holy Spirit in us, […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 3. Meditation

The first Spiritual Discipline is focused on creating the environment for communication with our Creator. The world we live in is filled with so much stimulation of our senses. Brightly colored television, busy traffic, hard work, kids, music, social media, etc. There is so much out there that causes us to lose ourselves in the […]

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Spiritual Discipline Series: 4. Prayer

When discussing the “spiritual” things, we often find ourselves going off into “lala” land thanks to the idiocrasy of Hollywood. The spiritual has been so thrown out of its reality by movies and imaginative novels that people have a difficult time coming to terms with it. All we mean by “spiritual” is what is also […]

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