Time Gap from Discharge to Current Work – Apr. 2012 to Mar. 2014

After leaving the School of Infantry April of 2012 I was attached to the Wounded Warrior Battalion while waiting for my Medical Board to come back. I was later Medically separated from active duty under Honorable conditions and moved up to Frazier Park, Ca. During this time, I focused on school and transitioning into the civilian world from active duty service.

During this time, I made an honest effort to try to start up my own business while looking for work. I tried to get my name out there as a website developer, but I was not able to find customers due to our remote location in the mountains north of Los Angeles. I also attempted to start up a local website in our Mountain Communities where customers could buy, sell, and trade things called Frazier Mountain Yard Sales. I was not able to get that going either. At the same time, I tried to get my name out there as someone who teaches marksmanship, as that particular county was one of the few firearms friendly counties in California.

I spent some time assisting the local 4h in their shooting sports, but I was not able to get that project going. After several attempts, I was not able to get this particular business going either. I decided to focus on looking for work and completing my education. I also started my own podcast to attempt to gather a following and try to see if that could eventually build into something in the long run and I still enjoy podcasting from time to time. During this time, I had visited an Outdoor Range in Saugus, CA to assist the 4H with their shooting program. I had dropped off a resume with them but they were not hiring at the time.

When March of 2014 came around, I received a call from the owner of the range called “A Place to Shoot.” After conducting an interview with the owner, I was hired and began my humble position as a Range Safety Officer. This was truly a blessing, as the previous year had been very rough on my family, but we were able to pull through thanks to God’s good graces.

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