Operation Enduring Freedom – 2008 Op-cert

This is the Operation Certification that was issued by the NATO ISAF force commander to the Marines serving with 2nd Battalion 7th Marines who were there from April 2008 to November 2008.

PLEASE NOTE, I was attached to 2/7 Golf Company out in Baqwa Afghanistan in August as a Combat Replacement with over 100 other Marines from various units. So I was there for about 4 months, not the full deployment.

This particular operation was a heinous expedition to say the least. The way that unit was restricted in its operations by the ISAF commander at the time led to several warriors being killed on the battlefield. The methods for going on even basic foot patrols required Battalion level approval. If officers didn’t come up with the operation, you weren’t going. There were several poor decisions made at the Battalion level and the warriors of this unit suffered greatly for it.

It was an honor serving with those guys out in Baqwa, and I wish more of them would have made it home. God bless them all.

Operation Enduring Freedom - 2008 op-cert
This is the operation certification for Enduring Freedom in 2008 with the NATO ISAF

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