Operation Enduring Freedom – 2006 Op-cert

The certification below is what was given to all the Marines of 1st Battalion 3rd Marines who served on our deployment in 2006. It was referred to as “Operation Enduring Freedom VI”. We conducted Operation Mountain Lion while on this deployment, where we cleared the Korengal valley and the northern Hindu Kush of the remaining Taliban forces of that time. We went in knowing what had happened to Marcus Luttrell’s team and the video of what happened to his team was shown to us before we deployed. Our Commander let us know we were deploying there to clear those bastards out.

That was the last time we operated in Afghanistan the way you are suppose to. Small unit operations, distributed and supported fully with Air support, freedom for squad leaders to roll out with their squads as needed to meet the enemy. Much different from the trash we had to deal with when I went back with a different unit in 2008.

Operation Enduring Freedom VI - Op-cert
Certificate given to those who participated in Operation Enduring Freedom VI in 2006.

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