Sergeant’s Course

The United States Marine Corps Sergeant’s Course is the official Non-Commissioned Officer’s School for Sergeants (E-5) of the Marine Corps. The course is designed to train Sergeants in every MOS across the Marine Corps, and to ensure all of the members of this highly regarded rank share in their leadership qualities, abilities, and competencies.

While in this course, we gained the following knowledge and skills

  • Unit Leadership and Management
  • Time Management Skills
  • Operation Planning and Logistics
  • Conflict Management
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • Administrative tasks related to managing small units
  • Personnel Management and Performance Appraisals

While in this course, I was assigned the duty of class First Sergeant, responsible for managing the class and ensuring accountability, holding the class to the daily schedule, and holding the regular formations.

Sergeant's Course Certificate
Sergeant’s Course Certificate

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