Machinist Certification

This is the Machinist Certification I received from CLC Inc. out of Fort Worth, TX. What all I learned in this course included:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Precision Measuring
  • Hand operated Milling operations
  • Hand operated Lathe operations
  • Completion of 12 projects working with Aluminum.

This was a basics course in Machining, however I have improved my personal knowledge of Machining privately in my own studies, including the fundamentals of:

  • Metallurgy
  • Tool making
  • Cutter shaping for turning operations
  • Speeds and Feeds determination
  • Threading Operations
  • Taper operations
  • Boring Operations
  • Reaming Operations
  • Groove Milling
  • Slot Milling
  • Drilling Operations

I am actively improving my skills in this field and plan to continue to improve those skills over the years. I do greatly enjoy this line of work, and look forward to improving my Beginner’s skills as time goes on.


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