Gunsmithing Certifications

The gallery bellow contains images of the Gunsmithing Certifications I have earned so far from the American Gunsmithing Institute. Unfortunately, I’ve had a long delay in getting my other certifications as the VA decided to wait till last month to pay the school for the last year! So I am just now getting caught back up on getting my certifications through AGI.

While actively doing Gunsmithing as the Owner of WAC3ARMORY, my gun store in Mansfield, TX, I have gained experience with the following:

  • AR-15/M-4 and other AR platform variants
  • Bolt-Actions
  • Shotguns of all types
  • Semi-Auto Pistols from as far back as the early 1900’s to modern models
  • Revolvers of all kinds
  • Glass-bedding work
  • Trigger jobs
  • Professional Cleanings
  • Parts repair and replacements for a variety of firearms
  • Scope mounting and alignment
  • Sighting in and Pistol Sight Installations and Alignments.

And various other types of work. I’ll continue to get more certifications through out the year, but I already have the ability to build custom Bolt-Actions, Blue printing of factory rifles, Custom precision AR variants, and all kinds of other work. I greatly enjoy this job as a hobby, and have built a business hoping to make my hobby into an income producing one while working in the field of Project Management full time.

Your Thoughts?