Alpha Co. – Wounded Warrior Battalion (WEST) – Camp Pendleton, CA – Apr. 2012 – Feb. 2013

After my transfer over to the Wounded Warrior Battalion, I continued my night time classes at Coleman University. While there, I spent my days focusing on getting ready for discharge as the location of my injuries essentially guaranteed my discharge. The political environment of the time was something that gave me great concern. Events I saw happening within the Marine Corps, where the priorities were, made me believe that getting out was the best choice for my family.

I graduated from Coleman University August of 2012, and earned my certification in Web Media Design. I had begun working on my own websites and started doing a simple podcast on youtube as a way to vent my concerns about the military and events going on in the world. I started to make plans for doing web development as my career and begun looking for work in preparation for my discharge. I had thought, due to the average length of time Marines were experiencing for their medical board to come back, that I had about a year before I would be getting out. However, much to my surprise, the results came back quickly, and before I knew it, I was getting processed out.

After a myriad of appointments, evaluations with the VA, MRI’s and all sorts of testing, I learned that I would be out the door in November of 2012 on Terminal Leave. At this point, my wife and I started looking for where we could move immediately, as we were already planning and preparing for it, we just thought we had more time. We were able to find a place to stay up in my wife’s home town of Frazier Park, CA. Once my terminal leave came up, we moved up to Frazier Park and got settled in to our new home up there. This is where my transition out of the Marine Corps began, with all the struggles that that entails.

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