About Will

Wilson Allen Campbell III was born on the island of Galveston, TX in 1985. Raised all around the state, his family settled in Wimberley, TX during his 4 years of High School. Before graduating in 2003, Will enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifleman, and went to boot camp after graduation in June of 2003 at the age of 17. After graduating from boot camp at MCRD San Diego, Will then completed Infantry training at the School of Infantry (WEST) on Camp Pendleton, CA and was then stationed with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines out of MCBH Kane’ohe Bay, HI.

After a period of training for Boat Operations with Bravo Company, the battalion was attached to the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) and deployed to Okinawa, Japan. The MEU was later called up to Iraq to participate in Operation Phantom Fury, the invasion of the the city of Fallujah in 2004-2005. The Battalion later provided security for the first Iraqi Elections before returning home in 2005. After another training build up period, 1/3 later deployed to Afghanistan, January of 2006, and participated in Operation Mountain Lion, the clearing of the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan along the Peshawar River Valley.

After returning from that Deployment in May of 2006, Will had been accepted to the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Rhode Island. July of 2006, he was transferred there to prepare for attending the United States Naval Academy. However, he voluntarily dropped out after Christmas Break due to a dislike of the quality of people being accepted into the Naval Academy, and a longing to return to the fleet. After dropping out, he was later redeployed to the fleet, being stationed with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines after re-enlisting.

Will was then attached to Fox Company, 2/4, in San Mateo, Camp Pendleton, CA. He was assigned as a Squad Leader and later deployed with the battalion, once again, with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) out of Okinawa, Japan. During this deployment, the unit conducted several humanitarian operations in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. During this time, Will developed training for these foreign military forces and lead the effective implementation of that training, for which he was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (NAM). After this deployment, the battalion returned home to Camp Pandleton, CA in June of 2008.

After returning from this deployment, Will joined several other volunteers to be Combat Replacements for 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in Afghanistan. They deployed to support that battalion about September of 2008, and Will was attached to a platoon in Baqwa, Afghanistan. While there, he conducted numerous combat patrols as a “Squad Adviser.” The unit had a detachment of Afghan National Police forces attached to their Forward Operating Base, and Will volunteered to train these men, and after a 3 week training program, successfully trained this unit and conducted patrols with them. After completing this operation, the unit returned home, and Will returned to Fox Company 2/4.

After an extended training period, Will decided to take on his B-Billet opportunity, and chose to be a Combat Instructor. In July of 2009, Will went to the Combat Instructor School at the School of Infantry (WEST), and graduated that September. He was then attached as a Combat Instructor for the Military Occupational Specialty of 0311 Infantry Rifleman with Charlie Company, Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry (WEST) in San Onofre, Camp Pendleton, CA.

After completing several training cycles, Will did a short term deployment with the Marine Corps Training Team to the country of Georgia to train Georgian Soldiers in Rifle Marksmanship with the AR-15. After this short 5 week deployment, Will returned to continue as a Combat Instructor with Charlie Company. He was later assigned as a Platform Instructor for the Offense Section for the Infantry Training Battalion. Then he was transferred to the Student Administration Company to manage the section of Marines injured during training. It was during this time that Will discovered the serious injuries he had in both of his hips, which resulted in his eventual transfer to the Wounded Warrior Battalion (WEST) on Camp Pendleton while recovering from his surgeries and awaiting the decision of the Medical Board.

Will was later Honorably Discharged due to his injuries. In 2010, Will married his wife, Amber, and together they had four children. After Will’s discharge, they moved to Frazier Park, CA. During this time, Will was a full time student at DeVry University on their campus in Sherman Oaks, CA. While searching for work, Will spent his time trying to start up an online blog and podcast. After over a year of not finding work, Will finally found a job in Saugus, CA working on an outdoor rifle range. Due to the distance, his family moved down to Santa Clarita, CA. Then after a time, they made the decision to move to Texas in search of better job opportunities.

While Will continued his full time student status at the Irving, TX Campus for DeVry, they moved to Arlington, TX in 2014. At this time, and due to an inability to find work, Will decided to open his own business, a gun store out of Mansfield, TX with money he had set aside. After earning his Federal Firearms License and his certifications as a gunsmith, Will opened his store in 2014. Unfortunately, after a year of operating the store front on his own (after losing two employees), Will had to shut it down due to a lack of capital in January of 2016. Will was able to find work as a Dispatcher and Business Analyst (Working as a Plumber’s Apprentice as needed as well) at a Plumbing sub-contractor company in Hurst, Texas where he currently works today.

Will earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management (concentration in Project Management) from DeVry University in 2015, and went on to attend Dallas Baptist University for a dual master’s program, one in Christian Ministry (Concentration on Christian Education) and the other in Theological Studies (Concentration in Biblical Studies). Will graduated from DBU with his dual Master’s in August of 2018. He lives with his wife and children down in Cedar Hill, TX today.